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California based boutique brand founded by former Fender Masterbuilder - John Suhr. Guitars are made to clients' custom orders.


Modern design from Netherlands. Not made out of wood, but out of patented Arium material which lets the guitar resonate freely. Monolite designs only.


Polish Custom Shop specializing in modern and brave designs. 6, 7, 8 strings, Fanned Frets or not - you name it. Made to custom order.

Jim Kelley

Boutique amp legend. His designs are used by Joe Bonamassa, Mark Knopfler, Pete Thorn and many more.

Custom Audio Amplifiers

Premium classs, advanced multi-channel amps. Used by pros and enthusiasts all over the world.

Suhr Hand-Wired Amplifiers

Hand wired Suhr amps in old school point-to-point with highest quality components used. Boutique quality, class and fell. Nothing comes close.

OX4 pickups

Handmade pickups - one of the best PAF replicas out there.

In Offer

Guitars : New & Used

Guitar Spot offers new guitars for the brands we carry: Suhr, Aristides and Skervesen. Apart from that in our offer you can also find second hand boutique and premium guitars. Make sure you check out the current stock regularly. Every guitar is carefully selected by me and checked before buying/selling.


New amps in offer for: Suhr Amplifiers, Jim Kelley, Custom Audio Amplifiers. Apart from that I also offer boutique amps second hand.

Pickups & Effects

All Suhr Effects & Pickups are in offer. Including best sellers as: Riot effects and Aldrich pickups.